We’re not only a world class facility we also have world class Consultants working with us too.



If you are coming to meet with one of the Consultants working at Prime Health, you will be afforded a warm welcome from our Reception team and refreshments whilst you wait to be seen. Your appointment will be conducted in one of our modern, purpose designed consulting rooms, allowing conversations and examinations to be conducted with privacy and dignity assured. The information gathered by your Consultant will then form the basis of which steps need to be taken next.

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Our Diagnostic Suite is located one floor down from the Consulting Rooms and so whether you need an MRI, X-ray or Ultrasound you are only a few steps away from some of the finest imaging equipment in the UK. We aim to schedule any requested investigations either on the same day (dependent on the daily diary) or at the next most convenient time for you. Once the scans or X-rays have been reported on by one of our expert Radiologists, the results will usually be forwarded onto your Consultant within 24 hours, making the process of examination and investigation as quick and as smooth as possible.



Once your Consultant has all the information required, it will allow both of you to make the most appropriate decisions regarding the management of your particular condition. Sometimes this may take the form of conservative treatment with a course of medication or physical therapy. At other times you may require more invasive treatments such as ultrasound guided injections or in a certain number of cases, a surgical procedure at one of the local hospitals but you and your Consultant will be comfortable in the knowledge that you have been able to draw upon the very best technology at Prime Health to make those decisions.

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We have a steadily growing team of Consultants working at Prime Health. Below is a list of the clinicians current active with practice privileges for the Centre:

Cosmetic and Vascular Surgery




Pain Management



Sports & Exercise Medicine