Our Therapy team play a vital role in the multidisciplinary approach to getting you better.

We pride ourselves on having some of the best Therapists in the UK to look after you.



Our expert Therapists have many years of experience between them treating a wide range of conditions from general strains and sprains, back and neck pains, sports injuries right through to women’s and men’s health issues and complex post-operative rehabilitation.

They will test muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, balance, coordination, strength and movement patterns in order to identify which structures are being affected.



Our team believe that ‘Hands On’ therapy should sit at the heart of any treatment plan, therefore soft tissue massage, joint and nerve mobilisations, posture education, stretching and strengthening techniques will form an integral part of any clients’ treatment at Prime Health. Several of the team are qualified in acupuncture and we also have the latest electrotherapy machines such as Ultrasound, Interferential and TENS available should it be required.

To complement the ‘Hands On’ approach we have a stunning 2,000 sqft gymnasium full of state of the art analysis and rehabilitation equipment in order to optimise our clients’ recovery.

Prime Health Physio



Some clients ailments can be fully resolved with effective treatment whilst other longer term conditions need to be managed as best as possible. Whatever your circumstances at Prime Health we have the advantage of working as a team from Personal Trainers, Sports Masseurs, Nutritional Therapists, Life Performance Coaches, Pilates Instructors and Yoga Teachers we can support you whenever you need our help.



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