5 Top Tips For Returning To Sporting Activity After An Ankle Sprain

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By Justin Yeoh, Musculoskeletal, Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant

An ankle sprain is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries across all sports; from football to running, from rugby to simply walking. A sprain occurs when the ankle is usually ‘rolled’ (inverted) and can be a contact or non-contact injury. Typically, there is damage to the ligament or ligaments on the outer (lateral) side of the ankle, which helps support the joint.

Justin Yeoh, Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant who consults at Prime Health in Weybridge, Surrey has treated countless patients, including many professional sports players, for a sprained ankle. Justin advises that while the treatment and management of such an injury can be straightforward, for many patients, ensuring a quick return to activity and minimising any long-term damage, is paramount and their top priority.

Here Justin shares his expert advice and recommendations for treating a sprained ankle and the transition to returning to activity.

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5 stretches to include in your new daily work schedule

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For many adults, working from home offers a number of advantages; no daily commute, a flexible schedule and no office distractions. However, as home working becomes the new normal, there is an ongoing disadvantage which an increasing number of people are experiencing.

When lockdown was enforced, all over the land offices and ergonomically designed workspaces were replaced with make-shift desks in bedrooms and on the kitchen table. And, after spending weeks hunched over their laptops, bad posture and working at poorly set up workstations, home workers are experiencing an increase in aches and pains across the back, neck, and shoulders.

Often just put down to normal daily discomfort and left largely ignored, if left unresolved they could have a much longer-term impact on mobility and posture.

Ele King, Sports Massage Therapist at Prime Health shares five simple stretches to ease the aches and strains felt after periods of time sitting down or working on a computer at a desk.

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How to train in Winter and Avoid a Sports Injury

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Winter sports training throws up multiple issues that you need to be aware of. So how do you continue to maintain your training throughout winter without the risk of gaining an injury?

The first thing you should do is not to be put off from training during cold, wet or icy conditions. Instead, you should follow safe training recommendations and expert advice offered by our sports therapists and clinicians at Prime Health.

No matter whether you are a dedicated sports enthusiast taking part in triathlons, or a passionate weekend warrior that gives it your all at the weekends for your local rugby or football club, it makes perfect sense for you to want to help prevent yourself from sustaining a sports injury that can seriously affect your performance.

When the UK experiences short days, bad weather and cold temperatures all day long, it can be challenging to keep up your training routine. However, there are many benefits to training during the winter.

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An Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Guide to the Top Five Winter Sports Injuries

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With the winter ski season almost around the corner, A& E departments across Europe will be preparing for the large increase in patients presenting with injuries sustained on the slopes. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie, avoiding injury can either make (or break) your winter getaway.  

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Richard Sinnerton, who practices at Prime Health and the London Upper Limb Unit, is well accustomed to treating patients who have fallen victim to the winter sports curse and here he shares his guide to the top winter sports injuries and provides expert advice on how to avoid them:

“A bit like waiting to hear the first cuckoo of spring, when winter rolls in orthopaedic surgeons try to spot the first skiing injury of the season” says Richard. “They can usually be spotted in the waiting room wearing a rather complex sling, sporting a Day-Glo coloured plaster cast or leaning on a very swanky crutch: all much grander than their NHS equivalents!

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Prime Health – Official Healthcare Partner Of London Irish RFC

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London Irish

Prime Health is proud to be announced as the Official Healthcare Partner of London Irish RFC for the next 3 Seasons.

Prime Health, opened in 2012, is located in Weybridge, Surrey and has been purpose built to deliver a wide variety of Healthcare and Health and Fitness services under one roof.

Providing world-class medical consultations, diagnostic imaging, an expert therapy team and state of the art gym facilities, Prime Health will provide the very highest levels of medical support to London Irish.

London Irish Operations Director, Bob Casey, said: “Prime Health provides world class health, fitness and diagnostics under one roof so it is a fantastic opportunity for London Irish to be partnered with them. Rugby is a physical game and the health and welfare of our players is very important. We already have top medical staff and facilities at the club, with one of the best return to play records in the Premiership and this new partnership will help us continue to provide the best support for our players.”

Jonathan Shrewsbury, Clinic Director for Prime Health said: “We are absolutely delighted to have partnered with London Irish. They are one of the UK’s premier rugby sides and with such exciting development plans over the next few years it is a great time for us to be associated with such a strong brand as them..”


Rugby World Cup 2015 comes to Prime Health

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RWC 2015 Logo 2The long awaited Rugby World Cup 2015 started last week and Prime Health are delighted to be opening their doors to not only the host nation England but are also on call to assist visiting nation’s Wales, Fiji and South Africa.

The expert medical teams from the respective nations will not only have 24/7 access to some of the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging in the UK, they will also be able to call upon the clinical skills of Prime Health’s Consultant Surgeons and Private GP’s.

We look forward to six weeks of fantastic sporting action and wish all the competing Teams the best of luck.

Yoga Master Class at Prime Health

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Yoga 1

Prime Health held it’s first Yoga Master class and Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation last Saturday 23rd May.

Under the expert tutelage of Yoga Instructor Kathryn Cullen, 11 clients spent the morning unwinding from the stresses and strains of daily life, learning new yoga moves, relaxing in meditation and finding out about ‘Raw Living Food’.

The feedback from participants was fantastic so watch out for more classes soon.

Local GP joins the Team at Prime Health

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Profile-Pics-2015-02Dr Tim Bates, a local GP from Walton-on-Thames has joined the Team at Prime Health to practice Western Acupuncture as part of a multidisciplinary approach to musculoskeletal pain management.

Dr Bates has worked for a number of years alongside other Prime Health Clinicians, including Dr Andy King, Consultant in Pain Management and Mr Sri Chatakondu, Consultant Spinal Surgeon and the Physiotherapy Team.

Dr Bates will be holding clinics on Friday afternoon’s

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Prime Health Physio interviewed on local Radio Show

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Nina RobinsonOne of Prime Health’s resident Physiotherapists Nina Robinson was a guest on Brooklands Radio’s weekly Just Women Show on Tuesday 26th May.

Nina was quizzed by the hosts Sharon Finch and Alison Florence about her 25 year Physiotherapy career and her special interests including sports injuries, hypermobility syndrome and her running clinic.

To find out more about the show and listen to Nina please click on the link below:

Brooklands Radio – Just Women



Spanish Open Champion James Morrison visits Prime Health

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James Morrison 3

Huge congratulations to James Morrison, one of our favourite Prime Health clients, who won the Spanish Open at El Prat, Barcelona last Sunday!!!

It was great to see James back at Prime Health with two of his support team Justin Buckthorp and Hugh Marr presenting him with a bottle of Champagne to help the celebrations!!!