Felicity Bee

Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador, Bobsleigh Athlete and Junior Doctor Felicity Bee 

At Prime Health, we work with brand ambassadors who share our beliefs about wellness and illness prevention.

Our brand ambassadors are sporting champions, individuals who are at the top of their game. They help us to further our message, and we help them to achieve further sporting success by sponsoring their activities.

We are delighted to support Felicity Bee, a bobsleigh athlete who has a firm eye on the 2026 Olympics in Milan and who is currently in training for the World Cup and World Championship.  We are especially proud of Felicity who, as a recently qualified junior doctor from Cardiff University, has strong values that tie in with our own.

Here’s an overview of what Felicity has been up to in recent months.


Training has been extremely positive for Felicity. She’s been working hard with her team spending time practising on the push track in Bath, Somerset.

She’s also shown great promise by finishing at the top of the first GB squad testing for the year.

Felicity is a bobsleigh pilot (sitting at the front of the bobsleigh and steering along the track), which means she can compete in both monobob and two-man events. She previously spent more time racing in two-man but will now compete in both events for the next year, seeing as it will considerably increase her chances of Olympic selection.


After five years of dedicated study, Felicity has passed her final medical exams, and is now a qualified junior doctor.

She’s already now working in the NHS and is excited to get her career started. You may think that a demanding career as a doctor might hinder her progress as an athlete, but she’s actively chosen to work in a hospital that’s less than an hour away from her bobsleigh training centre, which is proof of  her dedication to her sport.

The impact of the pandemic

As someone who is used to a busy, fast-paced life both studying medicine and training to be an Olympian, COVID-19 has had quite a profound impact on Felicity’s life and goals. Her exams were cancelled, and she couldn’t train on the track anymore, let alone with the support of her team.  As with many other doctors, she also had the opportunity to see the effect of COVID-19 on patients and staff which has given her a unique insight into the ramifications of COVID-19. She believes the pandemic and lockdown has shed light on the importance of personal health and that it should provide motivation for staying active. This aligns with our ethos of illness prevention, with regular exercise being a key part of that.

Supporting and following Felicity

Throughout our partnership with Felicity, we’ll continue to update you on her journey to championship  and beyond.

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