Clinical Governance

Our quality and safety programme

The safety of our patients, clients and staff is of paramount importance to Prime Health “ the company” and Medical Imaging Partnership and our governance systems are guided by one of our key values- always with integrity.

Prime Health has been delivering high-quality radiology services for both the NHS and private sector for over a decade. We have several sites and centres across the south coast of the UK, all led by qualified and experienced healthcare professionals. We have built a reputation for high standards of care, professionalism and expertise in delivering health services and we aim for continuous quality improvement in everything we do.

There is an active safety and quality programme in place across all services provided by Prime Health and this is audited, and the outcomes are monitored, at every level of the organisation. When things do not go to plan, we put them right and learn the lessons to improve future services.

Why is this information important to me?

Information about healthcare is important to ensure you get the best advice and treatment. Health is a partnership, and this can only be achieved if we share information about our services. This section is a guide that provides further information on issues that we know are important to our customers.

Internal organisation

The integrated governance committee meets at least four times a year. It is responsible for monitoring the effective operation of clinical governance throughout the group and considers clinical and health-and-safety matters. The Chief Executive Officer and senior members of staff with clinical responsibilities attend the committee’s meetings.

All our locations are registered with the Care Quality Commission under the Care Standards Act 2000, amended by the Health & Social Care Act 2008.

Our facilities are subject to periodic inspection by the commissions including un-announced visits and the outcomes of these inspections are published on the commissions’ websites.