Physiotherapy - Clinical Specialist in Neurology & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Ms Sharon Berger-Collins


BSc (Hons), MCSP SRP

Sharon qualified as a physiotherapist in 1999 and quickly focused on neurological rehabilitation, going on to do an MSc in the Bobath Concept.

Clinical skills were developed in major London teaching hospitals the Royal London, Barts, Atkinson Morley, Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Centre and St. George’s.  She worked extensively as clinical lead on the neuro ICU, neurological complex care wards, neurosurgical wards, neuro rehabilitation, and outpatients.  Whilst at St. George’s Hospital Sharon established a one-stop multiple sclerosis clinic and a vestibular clinic, working closely with the neurology consultants and audiovestibular consultants to ensure patients received the best possible care.  She also worked closely with the neurology consultants to provide specialist care for patients with facial palsy.

In 2013, after the birth of her second child, Sharon decided to go into private practice full-time.  As well as working in clinics in Prime Health Weybridge, Parkside Wimbledon and Wimpole Street London, Sharon also treats patients in their own homes.  She is trained in acupuncture and uses this as an adjunct to treatment of both neuro and vestibular patients.  Sharon was an early member of the association of physiotherapists interested in vestibular rehabilitation, taking on the role of membership secretary and ending up as vice-chair.  She regularly both runs and attends lectures and courses for both neuro and vestibular physiotherapists to ensure her skills are up to date and she is able to provide her clients with up to date evidence based treatment.

As a neurophysiotherapist, Sharon specialises in treating patients who have suffered an injury or disease affecting their central nervous system.  These can include stroke, multiple sclerosis, head injury and concussion, facial palsy, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumours, spinal injuries, peripheral neuropathies, cerebellar degeneration, and many more complex neurological conditions.

As a vestibular physiotherapist, Sharon specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with inner ear disorders or central disorders which have an impact on their vestibular system.  These can include benign positional vertigo, vestibular neuronitis, labyrinthitis, semicircular canal dehiscence, meniere’s disease, migraine, concussion, schwannomas, and many other complex diagnoses which result in dizziness and imbalance.


  • Surrey

    Prime Health Surrey, Horizon Business Village, No 10 & 11, 1 Brooklands Rd, Weybridge KT13 0TJ

    03300 252 100

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