Private MRI Scan Without A Referral

If an injury is preventing you from fully enjoying life, you can now self refer and book an MRI scan at Prime Health, immediately. Same day appointments available.

Self Referral MRI Scans Now Available

At Prime Health we understand that if you are injured and you need an MRI scan, you want it quickly and at a time convenient to you. You also want reassurance that the quality of the MRI scan is high and that the report produced will provide your health specialist with the information they need to get your treatment underway and you back on the road to recovery, fast.

If you don’t have a referral from a health professional, you can now easily self-refer for an MRI scan at Prime Health. We offer daily appointments, allowing you to choose a time and date that suits your convenience.

Areas you can self refer for an MRI scan include:

  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Wrists
  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Ankles

Self referral appointments for a private MRI scan at Prime Health are available at short notice and reports are usually turned around within 24-48 hours.

We offer MRI scans to people with private medical insurance or those who simply wish to pay directly for the convenience of being seen quickly and efficiently

Book an MRI Scan - No Referral Needed
About our Self Referral MRI scans

Our expertise

Prime Health has many years of experience in diagnostic imaging and draws on the expertise of a team that is passionate about rethinking your healthcare experience.  We will give you access to the best expertise and technology at a date and time that suits you.

We provide a first-class diagnostic service and have a huge amount of experience in delivering high-quality MRI scans which are interpreted and reported by highly experienced specialist radiologists.

Your scan results, along with a comprehensive written report, will be promptly emailed to you by our specialist Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultants who are ready to support you with injury management. The report can also be forwarded to your preferred healthcare professional if required.

If further treatment is recommended for the management of the injury, we can refer you to specialists within the centre.

Book an MRI Scan - No Referral Needed

Why choose us to provide your care?

Prime Health has been a leading name in diagnostics for over a decade, serving both the NHS and private patients.

We believe you deserve more than fragmented care which is why we offer a complete healthcare service under one roof.

At Prime Health you’ll find:

  • Fast, easy access to expert-led care: Highly experienced specialists from across many disciplines, from GPs and cardiologists to physiotherapists and nutritionists, all under one roof.
  • Cutting-edge technology: State-of-the-art facilities equipped with world-class diagnostics for accurate and timely diagnoses.
  • Seamless experience: No more bouncing between specialists. Our multidisciplinary teams can collaborate to create a personalised plan, getting you on the right treatment path quickly.
  • Preventative focus: We believe in empowering you to stay healthy. Get expert advice, wellness programs, and proactive screenings to minimise future health concerns.

At Prime Health, we treat you as a person, not just a collection of symptoms. We are your healthcare partner and will guide you towards a stronger, happier, healthier you.

Don’t settle for second best. Choose Prime Health and experience the future of healthcare: integrated, personalised, and focused on keeping you well.

Book an MRI Scan - No Referral Needed
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Each of our sites provide first-class services and expert diagnostic scanning facilities. Every site offers multidisciplinary team of experts including GPs, physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers and our specialist consultants.