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Whether you have specific concerns about your heart or want proactive guidance for long-term health, our consultant cardiologists are here to empower you to take control of your well-being.


Your heart is in the best hands. At Prime Health, we understand the importance of comprehensive and compassionate cardiac care. Our renowned cardiologists are leaders in their field, dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment for every patient.

Our centres are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and technology, allowing us to accurately pinpoint the cause of your heart concerns and develop a personalised treatment plan.

At Prime Health, we understand that when your heart’s involved, waiting around for an appointment with a doctor isn’t an option. That is why we offer swift access to top-tier cardiology care, with appointments with experienced consultant cardiologists available at short notice.


Your convenience matters. We cater to your needs, whether you have private insurance or prefer self-pay options.

Book an appointment at our specialist consultant clinics and experience the difference:

  • Fast and easy access: Be seen promptly and get the expertise you need when it matters most.
  • Expert care: Consult with seasoned cardiologists known for their dedication and precision.
  • Personalised attention: Receive tailored guidance and treatment plans designed for your unique needs.
  • Seamless experience: Enjoy efficient service from our friendly and supportive team.

NOW AVAILABLE Self Referral Cardiac CT Health Check

Exclusive to our centre in Brighton, we are soon to be launching a self-referral service, powered by the innovative Caristo technology, which offers a glimpse beyond the surface of your heart.

Not available on the NHS, the Self Referral Cardiac CT Health Check is a game-changer, combining AI-powered analysis of coronary inflammation and traditional risk factors to predict your heart attack risk – years in advance.

Imagine a detailed map of your heart’s hidden health, guiding you towards a healthier future. You will collaborate with specialist radiographers during the scan as cutting-edge technology captures a precise picture. Then, through a personalised online consultation, you will receive a comprehensive report – your roadmap to better heart health with the opportunity for quick referral to our cardiology experts.

Claimed by patients to be a “reality check,” it is a powerful motivator for positive lifestyle changes.

Take control, empower your heart, and rewrite your cardiac story with Prime Health’s revolutionary Cardiac CT Health Check.

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We give you access to best-in-class diagnostics, wellness, illness and injury prevention and rehabilitation services.

Our healthcare expertise is second to none


Prime Health has many years of experience in diagnostic imaging and draws on the expertise of a team passionate about rethinking your healthcare experience.  We will give you access to the best knowledge and technology at a date and time that suits you.

So, you have the knowledge to Keep You Healthy.

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Our healthcare experts are at the top of their field

Our Experts

The healthcare teams and consultants that work with Prime Health are of the highest calibre. With years of experience and a reputation for accuracy and excellence, they have developed an enviable reputation.

Every decision made, every healthcare plan developed with you, and every treatment recommended has your needs at heart and is unique to you.

Their goal, like yours, is to keep you well.

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Don’t Wait for Symptoms: Take Control of Your Heart Health

Book an appointment for a Prime Health Cardiac CT Health Check powered by AI.