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You love to perform at your best. So, when injury stops you in your tracks, that can be hugely frustrating. At Prime Health, we’ve developed our sports therapy and treatments with elite-level athletes. We give you fast access to the latest expertise and technology so you can get diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. The experience is built around your needs and your life. We’ll have you back up and running in no time.


Whether you are a professional sportsperson, a weekend warrior or like to maintain good health through regular exercise, we can help you improve your performance. Or, if you’re injured you want to understand the severity of the injury and how to speed up healing we can help. You want reassurance that the treatment you’ll receive is of an exceptional standard and that you’ll be able to get back to doing what you love, quickly.

At Prime Health, our whole focus is to keep you moving and if you’re injured, to quickly and accurately diagnose your injury and to provide you with the very best treatment and advice from health professionals that know best. We work with some of the UK’s leading Sports and Exercise Medicine consultants. Many have worked with elite athletes, sports personalities and teams and can work with you, too.

Importantly, the Sports and Exercise Medicine consultants that practice at Prime Health are backed by a first-class, on-site comprehensive private diagnostic service that offers scans of particularly high quality. We have over a decade’s experience in accurately and effectively assessing sports injuries using state-of-the-art diagnostic scanning technologies using some of the most experienced radiologists.

We also recognise that the management of sports injuries can be complex, and often no single approach will be adequate on its own. Our consultants can quickly refer you to a highly experienced multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, who offer a wide range of musculoskeletal pain management treatments and solutions, and rehabilitation therapies including physiotherapy and joint injections, including PRP.

We’re here to help you make the right health decisions and Keep You Active.


Appointments with a Sports and Exercise Medicine consultant at Prime Health are available at short notice.

We work with all major medical insurance providers and offer appointments for our specialist consultant clinics to people who simply wish to pay directly for the convenience of being seen quickly and efficiently.

You may have questions about your treatment, if so, we encourage you to contact the team at your nearest centre who are happy to help.

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We give you access to best-in-class diagnostics, wellness, illness and injury prevention and rehabilitation services.

Our expertise

Our healthcare expertise is second to none

Prime Health has many years of experience in diagnostic imaging and preventative healthcare and draws on the expertise of a team that is passionate about rethinking the healthcare experience.  We will give you access to the best expertise and technology at a date and time that suits you.

So you have the knowledge to Keep You Healthy.

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Our experts

Our healthcare experts are at the top of their field

The healthcare teams and consultants that work with Prime Health are of the highest calibre. With years of experience, and a reputation for accuracy and excellence they have developed an enviable reputation.  

Every decision made, every healthcare plan developed with you and treatment recommended has your needs at heart and is unique to you.

Their goal, like yours, is to keep you well. 

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Book A Private MRI Scan Without A Referral

If you don’t have a referral from a health professional, you can now easily self-refer for an MRI scan at Prime Health. We offer daily appointments, allowing you to choose a time and date that suits your convenience.