Private GP services

Private GP service

The highly experienced private GPs at Prime Health are here to keep you healthy. In a fast-moving world, they deliver a first-class service at a time and place that is convenient to you.

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At Prime Health we understand that if you or your family have a health concern, you want to see a trustworthy, experienced and helpful GP, at a time that is convenient to you and at a place that is close to your home or work.

The GPs at Prime Health are backed up by the very latest diagnostics and a network of experts including physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, personal trainers and consultant colleagues. So, you have an entire team of experts focused on dealing with your health issue and keeping you well.

Our GPs have extensive experience in general practice, as well as specialist knowledge in certain areas. As a multidisciplinary team, they will work together you address and improve your individual health needs.

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We give you access to best-in-class diagnostics, wellness, illness and injury prevention and rehabilitation services.


Our healthcare expertise is second to none

Prime Health has many years of experience in diagnostic imaging and a wide range of outpatient healthcare services. It draws on the expertise of a team that is passionate about rethinking the healthcare experience.  We will give you access to the best expertise and technology at a date and time that suits you.

So you have the knowledge to Keep You Healthy.

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Our healthcare experts are at the top of their field

The healthcare teams and consultants that work with Prime Health are of the highest calibre. With years of experience, and a reputation for care, accuracy and excellence they have developed an enviable reputation.

Every decision they make, every healthcare plan they develop and the treatment they recommend, has your needs at heart and is unique to you.

Their goal, like yours, is to keep you well.

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Book a diagnostic scan

Did you know, that if you already have a GP referral, you can book an MRI scan, ultrasound, CT or x-ray directly via our website?

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Book your next appointment at Prime Health Surrey today

Register today for Prime Health Surrey's online booking system. Book and manage appointments at your convenience.

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Fast, accurate MRI Prostate Health Checks now available

Our unique fast-track self-pay MRI Prostate Health Check has been designed to provide you with the results you need quickly and accurately - with or without a referral.

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Book A Private MRI Scan Without A Referral

If an injury is preventing you from fully enjoying life, you can now self refer and book an MRI scan at each of our centres, immediately. Same day appointments available.

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